Phuket Residential Market Report

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Phuket Residential Market Report 2014

Siam Real Estate's Phuket Residential Market Report's provide detailed information and analysis based on primary research from our comprehensive Phuket database, combined with our own exhaustive market and property surveys.

With over 8,000 residential property listings for Phuket we are able to conduct in-depth research and analysis into market pricing and produce detailed results. Our research gives home buyers, developers and investors an accurate image of what is currently occurring in the marketplace and enables key real estate decisions to be made.

Siam Real Estate has been operating in Phuket since 2003, this gives us an understanding and knowledge of the market and reinforces the reliability and value of the Phuket Residential Market Report. Our unique reports are suitable to a wide audience who are interested in the real estate market in Phuket, such as:

  • Home buyers
  • Property developers
  • Sellers
  • Industry Research Analysts
  • Investors
  • Consultants
  • Financial Institutions
  • Property Funds
  • Media
  • Property managers

Our reports cover:

Location Information: Information on the different locations within Phuket.

New Residential Developments: Statistics and analysis on the number of new residential property developments in Phuket.

Land: Detailed information and analysis on land prices in Phuket including average prices by location and price ranges.

Condominium Market: Unit prices by region in Phuket, including average prices, price range, new condominium projects, resale properties and analysis of results.

Villa/Housing Market: House prices by location, property size, average price and price range, new development, resale market prices and analysis.

For more information or to download the latest Phuket Residential Market Report please contact us.

Kevin Hodges, North Phuket Branch Manager and Investments Manager

Kevin Hodges, Phuket Branch Manager and Investments Manager

Email: [email protected]



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