Thailand Interior Ministry Slashes Mortgage and Transfer Fees to Boost Property Sales

Thailand Interior Ministry Slashes Mortgage and Transfer Fees to Boost Property Sales

In a significant move aimed at revitalizing the property market, the Interior Ministry has enacted two pivotal directives, promptly published in the Royal Gazette. This strategic action aligns with the Cabinet's decision from Tuesday, showcasing a concerted effort to stimulate property transactions. Effective immediately, these directives are crafted to ease financial burdens for potential homeowners and invigorate the real estate sector.

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The essence of the first directive revolves around the government's commitment to assist individuals aspiring to own properties such as houses, duplexes, townhouses, commercial buildings, and land with pre-existing structures. For properties valued at or below 7 million baht, the directive substantially reduces the transfer and mortgage fees to a nominal rate of 0.01%, in effect until December 31. This significant reduction from the standard rates aims to make property ownership more accessible and affordable, thereby fostering an increase in property sales.

Mirroring the first, the second directive targets condominium units within the same price bracket, enforcing an identical fee reduction to 0.01% for both transfer and mortgage fees, also valid until the end of the year. This move is particularly aimed at encouraging the purchase of condominiums, a popular choice among urban dwellers and investors alike.

These directives mark a pivotal change from the previous fee structure, where transfer fees were traditionally set at 2% of the property's transaction value, and mortgage fees at 1%. By slashing these fees to a mere fraction of their usual cost, the Interior Ministry intends to remove significant financial barriers that potential buyers face, making it markedly easier for a broader demographic to invest in property.

Furthermore, the decision to elevate the price limit for eligible properties from 3 million baht to 7 million baht represents a strategic enhancement of the policy, extending the benefits to a wider range of properties and potential buyers. This adjustment acknowledges the rising costs of real estate and aims to ensure that the policy has a more widespread and meaningful impact on the market.

In summary, these directives from the Interior Ministry are a clear reflection of the government's proactive stance towards supporting the real estate sector and potential homeowners. By significantly reducing the financial burden associated with property transactions, these measures are expected to catalyze an uptick in property sales, contributing to the overall vitality of the real estate market. This policy is a testament to the government's commitment to facilitating homeownership and stimulating economic activity within the property sector.

Author: Patrick Lusted

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